About Us

Meowsprout (formly GeniusHealth) was born with the mission of helping every behavioral and neuro-disorder genius to achieve their life goals. We are committed to challenging the status quo of medicine and care delivery to help people living with ADHD, ASD, and other cognitive impairments. We are passionate about bringing together top scientists and clinical know-how with great multi-culture experience to forever change how medicine is designed and delivered. This journey is not just for us but for anyone with healthcare equity and low costs in need.

Our Science.

We use VR, sensing, and perception technologies to capture the physiological signals generated by individuals in different scenarios to build AI-enabled assessment, diagnosis, and intervention (treatment) to achieve the best clinical outcome.

Our Platform

Our patient-centered solutions connect the online and the offline and empower the community works together to create a better life.

Product Pipeline







Global Collaboration


Co-R&D,License,digital bio-marker, system integration, AI, wearables, AI


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Channel Deveopment, product sales, joint venture and business development