Meowsprout is different

Meowsprout is an AI-powered platform revolutionizing child development. Our focus on neurodevelopment enables us to provide personalized digital therapeutics for children aged 3 to 17. Through immersive assessments, personalized interventions, and clinically validated treatments, we unlock the full potential of each child. With the foundation of our digital twins for precise tracking and targeted support, we enhance cognitive abilities, improve emotional regulation, foster social skills, and facilitate rehabilitation for ADHD and ASD.

Key Features

Neurodevelopmental Assessments

Our advanced AI-powered assessments provide deep insights into your child’s cognitive, emotional, and social development. By understanding their strengths and areas for growth, you can make informed decisions and tailor interventions to maximize their progress.

Targeted Intervention

Meowsprout offers personalized intervention that combine cutting-edge digital therapeutics with evidence-based techniques. Our interactive modules and activities engage your child in a fun and engaging way, promoting their overall development.

Virtual Reality (VR) Experiences

With our immersive VR-based activities, your child can explore new worlds, enhance their creativity, and improve their cognitive skills. The power of VR enables them to learn in a dynamic and interactive environment, stimulating their imagination and critical thinking.

Family Engagement

Meowsprout facilitates family engagement by providing a centralized platform for communication, sharing milestones, and fostering a sense of togetherness. Connect with other family members, celebrate achievements, and create lasting memories.

Digital Twin Technology

Meowsprout creates digital twins for each child, allowing for precise tracking of their development and personalized recommendations. This technology ensures that interventions are tailored to their specific needs, optimizing their progress and potential.

Decentralized Child Care

Join a vibrant and inclusive community of parents, caregivers, and experts dedicated to supporting each other. Share experiences, exchange ideas, and collaborate to create a nurturing environment for children’s growth and development.


We focus on the critical needs of each market segment, combining AI, the Internet of Things, and clinical practice to provide customized solutions for the non-regulated and regulated service markets.


Meowsprout leverages cutting-edge technology, including VR gamified assessments and clinically validated personalized treatments, to provide a holistic and effective approach to child development. We combine digital twin technology for precise tracking with empathetic support, redefining the parent-child relationship and ensuring the best outcomes for every child.


At Meowsprout, we believe in unlocking the potential of every child, regardless of their abilities. Our mission is to empower special education educators and parents with innovative tools and personalized digital therapy to enhance each child’s unique learning journey.


At Meowsprout, we firmly believe that each student is unique and possesses boundless potential. Our mission is to provide schools and school districts with cutting-edge AI technology and personalized digital therapies, enabling every student to receive comprehensive support in cognition, emotions, social skills, and physical abilities, thus stepping into a successful future.


In the ever-evolving landscape of pediatric healthcare, hospitals face numerous challenges when it comes to diagnosing and treating neurodevelopmental disorders in children. Meowsprout is here to help. Our AI-driven digital healthcare platform offers innovative solutions to overcome these challenges, empowering hospitals to provide optimal care for every child.