Meowsprout was born on mission of helping every behavioral and neuro-disorder genius to achieve their life goals. We are committed challenging the status quo of medicine and care delivery to help people living with ADHD, ASD and other cognitive impairment. We are passionate about bringing together top science,clinical know-how with great multi-culture experience to forever change how medicine is designed and delivered. This journey is not just for us, but for anyone with health-care equity and low costs in need.

Impact Well-being

We believe everyone in everywhere deserves equitable, affordable, and accessible health care. We also believe that digital transformation of health care can be disruptive and achievable. This is why Genius Health further seeks to enhance research and development, innovation and collaboration across sectors and geo-political borders. Technologies such as the Internet of things, virtual care, remote monitoring, artificial intelligence, blockchain, smart wearables, platforms, tools creating a continuum of care have proven potential to enhance health outcomes by improving medical diagnosis, data-based treatment decisions, digital therapeutics, clinical trials, self-management of care and person-centered care as well as creating more evidence-based knowledge, skills and competence for professionals to support health care.

Career Growth and Learning

Genius Health is an entrepreneurial team composed of well-known professors, entrepreneurs, and Medical doctors in healthcare. Our decentralized teamwork approach and understanding and tolerance of different cultures make us a diversified team. Our mission is to develop personalized digital medicine for patients with behavioral difficulties to help them have a high quality of life. Suppose you have a heightened sense of responsibility for society, others, and yourself, uphold compassion and fairness and are willing to start from the present and work hard for the future. In that case, consider being a member of Genius Health. You can choose to start working anywhere in the world, and we have a training model similar to the medical school, which will help you complement the skills needed for your career development.

Team of Advisory

Dr. Kaifeng Zhang

The Affiliated Pediatric Hospital of Fudan University,Associate chief physician of pediatric clinical medicine

Dr. Chen Youwei

Director of the Neurological Treatment Center,United New International Hospital

Dr. Chen Huiru

Taipei Pediatric neurological disease,Early treatment in children with developmental delay

Dr. Zhixuan Chen

Children’s early treatment education expertSpecial Education Institute Science and technology auxiliary rehabilitation

Dr. Zhu Siying

Special Education Research Institute Multicultural response to teaching

Dr. Zhu Huijun

Child development education specialistThe Institute of Information Management,Director of the AI Center